How to Use Stickies on Mac: A Simple Guide

Welcome to the world of Mac, where sticky notes are no longer a physical item on your desk but an essential tool in the digital era. Stickies on Mac allow you to create quick notes, reminders, and to-do lists, and the best part is that you no longer have to worry about losing them, as they are saved straight to your device. In this article, we will guide you on How to Use Stickies on Mac efficiently.


Step 1: Getting Started

To access Stickies on Mac, simply click on the Stickies icon in your dock (typically located at the bottom of your screen).

Step 2: Creating a New Note

To create a new note, click on the File menu, then select “New Note” or use the keyboard shortcut “Command” + “N.”

Step 3: Customizing Your Notes

You can customize your notes by clicking on the Note menu, selecting “Style,” and choosing your preferred font size, color, and style.

Step 4: Adding Text to Your Note

To add text to your note, simply click on the note and type your message.

Step 5: Pinning Your Note to the Desktop

To keep your note visible on your desktop, click on the Pin button located at the top right corner of your note.

Step 6: Setting Reminders

To set a reminder for your note, click on the clock icon located at the top left corner of your note. Set the date and time, and your note will prompt you at the specified time.

Step 7: Changing Note Colors

To change the color of your note, click on the note, select the “Note” menu, click on “Color,” and choose your preferred color.

Step 8: Sharing Notes

To share your note, click on the note, select the “File” menu, then choose “Share” and select how you would like to share it.

Step 9: Keeping Your Notes Organized

To keep your notes organized, use categories. Click on the “File” menu, choose “New Category,” and type in a name. Then, drag your notes into the category folder.

Step 10: Searching for Notes

To search for notes, click on the “View” menu, select “Show Search,” and type in keywords related to your note.

Step 11: Exporting and Importing Notes

To export and import notes, click on the “File” menu, choose “Export Notes,” and select where you would like to save the file. To import notes, click on the “File” menu, select “Import Text,” and select the file you wish to import.

Step 12: Deleting Notes

To delete a note, click on the note, select the “Note” menu, and click on “Delete” or use the keyboard shortcut “Command” + “Delete.”


The steps mentioned above are simple but effective ways to use Stickies on Mac. From creating new notes to deleting notes, you can customize your experience. By using the features mentioned above, you can take full advantage of Stickies on Mac.

Tips and Tricks

Here are ten tips and tricks to help you use Stickies on Mac more efficiently:

  1. Add emojis to your notes to make them more visually appealing.
  2. Customize your notes using images by dragging and dropping them into the note.
  3. Use keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks quicker.
  4. Keep your notes aesthetically pleasing by using different fonts and colors.
  5. Save time by copying and pasting text from other applications to your notes.
  6. Use the “Collapse” feature to hide long notes and save space on your screen.
  7. Use the “Opacity” feature to make your notes less intrusive on your screen.
  8. Easily navigate through notes by using the search feature.
  9. Keep your notes secure by using Touch ID or password protection.
  10. Create shortcuts for frequently used notes by keeping them on your desktop.

In Conclusion, Stickies on Mac is a great tool to help keep your notes organized and accessible. With the above steps and tips, you can take full advantage of Stickies on Mac and make your digital note-taking experience a whole lot easier.

Advantages of Using Stickies on Mac

Stickies is a built-in application on Mac that allows users to create digital notes on their desktop. It offers several advantages such as:

  1. Convenience: Stickies offer a quick and easy way to jot down ideas, create reminders, and keep track of to-do lists without having to open a separate application.
  2. Customization: Users can customize the appearance of their Stickies notes with different fonts, colors, and sizes to make them stand out on their desktop.
  3. Syncing: Stickies sync with iCloud, so users can access their notes on any Mac or iOS device that is linked to their Apple ID.
  4. Accessibility: Stickies can be accessed quickly through a keyboard shortcut or by simply clicking on the application icon in the dock.
  5. Integration: Stickies can integrate with other applications on Mac, such as Safari and Mail, allowing users to create notes from those applications.
  6. Security: Users can password protect their Stickies notes to keep sensitive information secure.
  7. Simplicity: Stickies offers a straightforward and easy-to-use interface, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced users.
  8. Organizational: Stickies can be used to categorize notes using different colors, making it easy to organize and find specific notes.
  9. Eco-Friendly: By using Stickies instead of physical sticky notes, users can reduce their paper waste and contribute to a greener environment.
  10. Free: Stickies is a built-in application on Mac, meaning it is free to use without any subscription or additional fees.

Disadvantages of Using Stickies on Mac

Although Stickies offer several advantages, there are also some disadvantages to using this application:

  1. Limited Formatting: Stickies only offer basic formatting options such as bold, underline, and italicized text. Users cannot add images or videos to their notes.
  2. No Collaboration: Stickies do not offer collaboration features, meaning users cannot share their notes with others or work on them together.
  3. No Backup: Stickies do not automatically backup users’ notes, so if their Mac crashes or the application is uninstalled, their notes will be lost.
  4. No Mobile App: Although Stickies sync with iCloud, there is no dedicated mobile app for the application. Users can only access their notes through a Mac or iOS device linked to their Apple ID.
  5. Not User-Friendly: Stickies can be difficult to use for some users who are not familiar with the application, and may take time to learn how to use all of its features.
  6. No Advanced Features: Stickies do not offer advanced features such as automated reminders or task management, making it less suitable for users who require more organizational tools.
  7. Limited Storage: Stickies have a limited storage capacity, and users may need to create new notes or delete old ones to free up space.
  8. No Encryption: Although Stickies offer password protection, there is no encryption feature to protect notes against hacking or cybercrime.
  9. No Integration with Windows: Stickies is a built-in application on Mac, meaning it cannot be used on Windows or other operating systems.
  10. No Voice-to-Text Functionality: Stickies do not offer voice-to-text functionality, making it less convenient for users who prefer to speak instead of typing.


1. What are Stickies on Mac?

Stickies on Mac are digital post-it notes that you can use to write down quick notes, memos, or reminders.

2. How do I access Stickies on Mac?

You can access Stickies on Mac by going to Applications > Stickies, or by using the Spotlight search feature to find it.

3. Can I customize the appearance of my Stickies?

Yes, you can customize the appearance of your Stickies by going to Edit > Preferences and selecting the appearance tab. From there you can choose the color and font of your Stickies.

4. Can I resize my Stickies?

Yes, you can resize your Stickies by dragging the corners of the note with your mouse.

5. Can I keep my Stickies on my desktop?

Yes, you can keep your Stickies on your desktop by going to Window > Keep on Top. This will make your Stickies visible on your desktop at all times.

6. Can I backup my Stickies?

Yes, you can backup your Stickies by going to File > Export Notes. This will save your notes as a text file which you can then back up to an external drive or cloud storage.

7. Can I use emojis in my Stickies?

Yes, you can use emojis in your Stickies by selecting Edit > Emoji & Symbols or by pressing Command + Control + Space. From there you can select the emoji you want to use and insert it into your note.

8. Can I add images to my Stickies?

Yes, you can add images to your Stickies by dragging and dropping them into the note or by selecting Edit > Attach Files. This allows you to attach an image to your note.

9. Can I format my text in my Stickies?

Yes, you can format your text in your Stickies by selecting the text, right-clicking and choosing the format options from the context menu.

10. Can I search for a specific note?

Yes, you can search for a specific note by using the search bar in Stickies or by using the Spotlight search feature on your Mac.

11. Can I use Stickies on multiple desktops?

Yes, you can use Stickies on multiple desktops by going to Window > Move to Desktop and selecting the desktop you want to move the note to.

12. Can I password protect my Stickies?

No, Stickies on Mac do not have a password protection feature.

13. Can I use Stickies to set reminders?

Yes, you can use Stickies to set reminders by choosing Edit > Add Alarm from the menu bar. This will allow you to set a reminder for a specific note at a specific time.


In conclusion, Stickies is a useful application for Mac users to jot down notes and reminders easily. With its simple but powerful features, it allows you to organize your tasks and keep track of important information. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who needs to remember things, Stickies can help you stay organized and focused.

Remember to customize your Stickies to suit your needs, whether it’s changing the color, size, or font of your notes. Also, don’t forget to use the keyboard shortcuts to save time and increase your productivity. With these tips, you’ll be able to use Stickies more effectively and streamline your workflow.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article on how to use Stickies on Mac. We hope that it has been informative and helpful. Stickies is just one of the many applications that Mac users can take advantage of to simplify their work and life. So don’t hesitate to explore more of them and discover how you can enhance your Mac experience.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you and help you in any way we can. Until next time, happy stickying!